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The HSE 2006 Regulations on Fly Repellent
IV Horse: IV Horse Info Sheet  1st October, 2006
After the 31st August 2006 several *substances which are used in the manufacture of fly repellents and are marketed as ACTIVE ingredients of fly repellents were no longer approved for sale. We spent several years preparing for this event, which was originally instigated by European directives released in November 2003.

These Directives became Regulations on the 1st September 2006, after which date the listed substances were no longer approved for use as ACTIVE ingredients in any fly repellent formulation. Note only ACTIVE ingredients were affected. It is important to note that inclusion of these substances in products other than fly repellent are not affected and are banned only where they form an ACTIVE component to the formulation.

The rear of all IV Horse fly repellent products clearly state which components are regarded as active ingredients and are labelled in accordance with the label layout requirements of this directive. We do in fact label every single one of our products, with the complete ingredient content, to ensure horse owners know exactly what they are applying to their horses, including our very effective and proven fly repellent range.

We have carefully and deliberately prepared a full range of fly repellent products which comply fully with the new legislation and all our products are marked accordingly. You will also be pleased to know that we have made sure that the effectiveness of the fly repellent range has not been diminished in any way.

It is important to note that other products, such as shampoos or grooming products etc are not affected by these changes, where the ingredients are not classified as ACTIVE. Fly repellent products formulated for human use (IV Horse rider packs) are unaffected by this change.

* Citronella Oil, Cedar Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Cedar Wood Oil, Geranium Oil, Lavender Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Neem Oil, Piperonal, Dimethyl Phthalate.

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