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We Tried These - Leatherflex
Tried and Tested: England's Equestrian  February/March 2008 - Issue 21
IV Horse Leatherflex products keep your tack and leather in top condition.

Leatherbalm ~ Cleans, penetrates, feeds and conditions. RRP: 9.20.

Gourmet Leather Food ~ A unique blend of
premium leather conditioning agents to
gently care for and condition. Contains
Neatsfoot, Beeswax, Lanolin and Tea Tree
Oil. RRP: 7.60.

Active Leather Care Spray ~ A premium cleanser and conditioner. RRP: 9.50.

Neat Neatsfoot Oil ~ 100% pure Neatsfoot in a simple, easy to use pump dispenser. RRP 6.99.

01888 544261

What Did We Think?
I am not normally a great lover of tack cleaning it is done more out of duty than love especially at this time of year, but I was very pleasantly surprised with the IV Horse Leatherflex range.

The Active Leather Care spray left my tack looking and feeling great every time I used it. It is really easy to use and comes in a handy spray so there is no excess mess.

Once a week I treated my tack to the Leather Balm which left it feeling much more supple and looking in much better condition.

The Neat Neatsfoot was used on an aging bridle, which required a little more TLC. The results were very good and almost instant.

The leatherwork felt much more supple and

My favourite product from the range though is definitely the Gourmet Leather Food. Designed for use on tack, boots, handbags etc this
produced truly amazing results. It made all my tack look like it had just come straight out of a shop and smells great too - truly amazing. It leaves a brilliant shine without the stickiness other products I have used can, and you can touch your tack without leaving finger prints all over it. A definite must for my show preparations. A highly recommended set of leather care products, all of which are easy to use.

Active Leather Care: 4*
Leather Balm: 4*
Neat Neatsfoot: 4*
Gourmet Leather Food: 5* +

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