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Tried and Tested : Localrider Magazine
November 2012
Tried and Tested : Equine Magazine
November 2012
Feature : Equestrian Trade News
August 2012
Tried and Tested : Horse Magazine
April 2012
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1. Winter Rugs Tried and Tested
Localrider Magazine : November 2012
A couple of our rug lines were given the once-over by Localrider magazine and the results are in their November issue's 'Winter Rugs Tried And Tested' feature. Here's how we fared:...
2. Tried 'n' Tested: Hi-Viz
Equine Magazine : November 2012
Our tester, Gillian McMurray says: Used on wet days on a newly clipped pony. It was easy to fit under saddle with girth loops to keep it in place and a fillet string to prevent win...
3. Tried and Tested: Travel Boots
Horse Magazine : April 2012
IV Horse Four Seasons Travel Boots Feature an easy-to-clean, durable outer shell and fastened by three wide Velcro straps. Meg Pollitt says: these boots are hard-wearing and ...
4. Horse Tried and Tested: Leather Girths
Horse Magazine : March 2012
IV Horse Leather Atherstone Girth Shaped, padded leather girth, with roller buckle fittings. An elasticated version is available. Kathryn Langham says: I liked the look and s...
5. Best on Test: Four Seasons Wee/Small Pony Turnout and Stable Rugs
Farm N Equine : January 2012
What the tester Terri Graham says: Used on wee pony daily for turnout and stabled, they have coped very well with the extremes of weather on a very feisty active wee pony. Super l...
6. Best on Test - Grooming Products
Farm N Equine : July 2011
IV HORSE FOAMING DRY SHAMPOO For quick and effective stain removal. With natural cleansing agents including Aloe Vera, Chamomile extract and Coconut. Ideal for removing stains w...
7. Best on Test - Super Pro Easy Lunger
Farm N Equine : June 2011
What the tester Anne Chappelhow says: Used on a number of horses whilst lungeing, who were so well behaved that I loaned to a friend with a cheeky youngster, who found it gave her...
8. Best on Test - Bridle Bag
Farm N Equine : June 2011
What the tester Rachel Thomas says: I was really impressed with the bridle bag, it was especially useful for bridles that had been cleaned ready for competitions and were in the l...
9. Best on Test - Jammyhorse Saddle Runner
Farm N Equine : June 2011
What the tester Clare Chappelhow says: Used with one horse been ridden by a novice rider, twice a week. It is a leather strap with a buckle fastening at either end, to attach to t...
10. Best on Test - Competition Wear (Velvet Browbands)
Farm N Equine : May 2011
What the tester Susan Chappelhow says: Buttonhole pins on easily to jacket lapel. Smart browband, neat rosettes on either side, not too big unlike many seen and worn on show ponie...

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