What is StableLab?
StableLab was launched in early 2008 as a means for consumers to try, test and rate products from our Grooming and Maintenance range. Our 'Test Teams' are made up of riding schools, livery yards and other equestrian organisations who sign up to receive free products, in groups called StableLab Packs, throughout the year.

On receiving the latest pack, we then ask them to try the products out on their horse or pony and report back to us with good points, not-so-good points and scores out of 5 for useability, value for money, quality and effectiveness, as well as before and after shots taken during their tests.

All Test Team ratings and reports are put on display in our StableLab Gallery (where you are now) - warts and all - with a full rundown of each report submitted by the team, comments and product ratings (with an overall score out of 5 for each product). All Test Teams completing tests for all products in a particular StableLab Pack automatically qualify for the next StableLab Pack send out, where more products will be put up for trial.

For more information on the project or to sign up to become a Test Team please visit our main StableLab Homepage, or browse our Grooming and Maintenance section on IV Horse Online for more information on the range.