How do I get involved?
If you belong to a riding school, livery yard or equestrian organisation we'd love for you to become one of our StableLab Test Teams. New Test Teams receive the current StableLab Pack, once their application has been processed.

In the Pack you'll find free IV Horse products for you to test and keep, plus full instructions on how to carry out the tests, what equipment you'll need and what information we eventually need from you for rating and reporting purposes.

Please note that we don't expect you to carry out testing in near-lab conditions or a spotless, sterilised environment. Testing should be fun and enjoyable, carried out during your usual grooming routine. Get your family or friends in on the project - get them to tell you what they really think!

Once your ratings and reports have been submitted through the StableLab site, we'll add them to the StableLab Gallery for all to see!

Apply now! Visit the main StableLab site at and click on the 'Become a StableLab Test Team' button.